OPI Sheer Tints Top Coat Review


From left to right:

I’m Never Amberrassed, Don’t Violet Me Down, Be Magentale With Me, I Can Teal You Like Me 

I first saw these polishes in DJ’s intrigued by its dark bottle I wondered what it would look like. I figured that I won’t be using it all that much and wanting the try all the colours I purchased the mini pack. (Failing to justify $80 for 4 polishes) This contained all 4 of the colours which were released. I used a opaque white nail polish as the base to see the colours clearer on the fingers. I also do not like the way they look alone instead with the white base it looks alot more pastel. IMG_2901 IMG_2902   The consistency of the topcoats are thick and even comparable to half set jelly. (Probably not the best way to describe it) Because of the the thick consistency it can be hard to create an even stroke, instead try thinner coats for a more even application.   As for nail art, the sky really is your limit. I looked back at the colour wheel just to assure myself of the colour combinations. It really is quick and easy, to stroke a colour let it dry for a few minutes and then continue.  Below I have had a play with the sheer topcoats.

The background of the sheer top coats are a great base for all sorts of nail art.



I prefer to use this top coat for nail art purposes, whether as a chevron tip or just as a background for my nail stamping plates. It produces are watercolour like effect, which I love. I probably will not purchase the full bottles instead I will be looking towards grabbing another set of minis if it does run out.



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