Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag + Mini Bucket Bag Review

I first spotted the Mansur Gavriel online, I must say it was love at first sight. I adored the simplistic design with minimal hardware. Being sold out every where it only made me want it more, I will share a few tips on how you could possibly purchase this bag. As all bags are final purchase I figured it is a good idea to share my thoughts on this bag.  

The bag itself is an untreated leather, this creates the rich look while at the same time causes it to be susceptible to tanning and scratches. The bag is stiff and continues to hold its shape even when it is empty, I believe it will soften over time.  

The bag isn’t as big as I thought judging from pictures that I had seen. Personally for me, it is a good size for my everyday essentials.


The purchased the bucket bag in black with a raw interior, unlike the other patent interiors it will be harder to clean. Due to the stiff nature of the bag, it make it easy to organise items, I do find that the dark interior does make it feel like you are grabbing from a deep dark hole. This makes it harder to find small items to combat this I use small pouches to store those items.

The the raw leather interior of the bucket bag
The the raw leather interior of the bucket bag




The pouch itself comes with both totes and the bucket bag. This zipper pouch matches the interior of the bag and can be removed for other bags, due to its flat and stiff nature it does not fit much. It is capable of fitting my iPhone 5s without its case. Its great way to fit small items such as bandaids or cards.  (The pouch does not come with the mini bucket bag)


Here are some images comparing what can fit into the mini bucket bag:



The patent interior allows the bucket bag to be easier to clean. Similarly the contrast also brightens up the outfit.

How does the bag hang?

I am approximately 170cm and I felt both bags were a an appropriate length.

IMG_2709  IMG_2708

IMG_2711  IMG_2710

 Now comes some tips or websites you could look at to grab the bag. The Mansur Gavriel bags will not be restocked until December on the website, if you have to patience to wait until then you could follow either their Instagram or Facebook page to get the latest news on the release date. During December the backpacks will also be released. This is also the way I was able to purchase the bags.

Websites which also stock Mansur Gavriel include: (Net-a-porter will also be release a Mansur Gavriel and Net-a-Porter exclusive) 

By looking on the website frequently you may potentially be able to pre-order your Mansur Gavriel.

Similarly, stores like Incu also have a waiting list for the Mansur Gavriel bags, on a basis of first in best dressed. 

Other websites which I have stumbled upon include eBay, most of the MG are highly marked up while authenticity isn’t guaranteed. 

I will continue to review the bag as time progresses, as I am curious of how the bag will wear over time too. 

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Hope you enjoyed the review and until next time xx




  1. Joycelyn

    I’ve just purchased the tote in camello and there are some scratches on it already which is pretty understandable due to the leather’s nature and camello is a light colour as well.

    I’m just wondering, is it the same case for the black? My bucket is arriving in end November and I’m worried about the creases and fingernail scratches on a black smooth surface bag 😦

    Do you happen to use any leather products to baby your MGs?

    1. twocentimetres

      Hi Joycelyn,
      Thank-you for reading the post! I have found that with the black the scratches aren’t as visible. I am quite rough on the bags and I didn’t treat them with any protectant prior to using. I will be posting update pictures on how they have worn over 10 weeks. I was worried about putting particular protectants on, but I have quite a few scratches on it. (no rain marks) With the bucket particularly I have found more issues with my raw interior, being the raw leather I have found that it does rub off and scratches off.
      Hopefully it is helpful, I will posting those update posts as soon as I get on top of my university exams.

  2. Vivienne

    Hello! I managed to get my hands on the black bucket bag red interior. My main concern is the scratches as I’m quite clumsy and careless. Ild love to see what yours look like in 10 weeks so please keep us posted 🙂

  3. Selena

    Hello. I’ve been contemplating purchasing a black bucket bag with raw lining… Do you suggest I just get a black interior? I was curious as to what the texture is like with the raw lining and if it is difficult to clean. Thanks so much in advance!

    1. twocentimetres

      Hello, I personally would no get the raw lining if I were to purchase an mg bag again. This is because not only is it quite difficult to find items in the bag it also has a peeling/ shedding problem. I tend to find items in my raw bucket bag to come back out with specks of black all over it. For that reason I would definitely prefer a different interior. There will be a much delayed update post to be posted in the next few days hopefully with more pictures.
      Thankyou for reading and do please let me know if you have any particular queries.
      xx V

      1. Selena

        Thanks so much for your honesty! I ended up purchasing the bucket bag black/ballerina from Steven Alan yesterday. Any tips of how you clean the bag?

  4. annieleetwelve

    Just wondering if in the pictures, the strap on the mini is at the longest length? I am similar height as you and thinking about the mini but would like to be sure that it will go across my body comfortably! Thank you!

  5. TMA

    Do you have a preference over the mini and the regular size? I am 162.5 CM and am trying to decide which size to buy and wondering if the larger bag would look too big on me.

    1. twocentimetres

      Hi Camille,
      Thank you for looking at the post! I do feel that the large one may be quite big due to the stiff nature of the bag. Also you may also have to adjust the strap for it to look best on you.
      Sorry about the late reply.
      I will definitely post a 1 year update of the bags soon.

  6. Monica Kalousek

    this was seriously the most helpful review on the internet. thank you so much for comparing the two – was torn because nobody really goes into an actual side by side comparison and this just saved me!

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