MEMEBOX Superbox #47 IOPE Box 2

I first saw these MEMEBOXES and I decided to order them immediately. I find it is the perfect way to try out Korean products which may not be as accessible. I saw this IOPE box and decided I had to try this being priced at $79 for the value of $400+ . This box is more expensive compared to other but I really do think it is worth it.

Now lets see whats in the box! (and of course some of my thoughts on what I thought of the products)


I’m not a big fan of blushes on the cheek but this dual purpose cheek and lip product will be great to be used as a stain. It is buildable and I can imagine this colour be quite similar to the bene-tint (balm). I love that that it comes in a light compact with a mirror great for on the go touch ups.


This cushion really is the reason why I had purchased this box. I have loved the IOPE cushion I had and being priced at $48 alone, I figured it would be a great bargain to purchase this box. There is so much to say about this cushion being and easy pat on item and a best seller of IOPE it really calls for a separate thorough review.

NOTE: in this box only the colour N21 is provided, which means that if your skin is any darker it may not be as suitable.


I have yet to try this item, the cream has a light texture which absorbs quickly. I look forward to seeing results for skin around the eyes which seems to be neglected all the time. Prevention is the key right?


This essential oil, reminds me very much of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ and the Kiehl’s Midnight recovery concentrate. Compared to the midnight concentrate, it feels slightly heavier but not greasy. I look forward to trying this for my dry skin.


This serum is recommended to be used as the first step after cleansing. I can see how this product can be an extra add on to your skincare regime for more hydration. For myself, I have quite a few serums in place for that purpose so I will have to compare and see which one I prefer.


IOPE being the a sister brand of Laneige, it imagined this cream to a lot like the Laneige Waterbank cream. Even the colour of the tub and the texture was very similar. The cream absorbs quickly and makes your skin feel quite supple and hydrate instantly. I will look forward to see how long lasting this cream is.

Can’t wait to review these throughly in a few weeks and of course to show you all some other Memeboxes I had purchased.


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