Mansur Gavriel Small + Large Tote Review

I purchased these totes at the same time I splurged on my bucket bags but had never came around to writing about these before I started using them. To me this really is the ultimate minimalistic tote. I use these goodies for uni so I will show you how much these really fit.

With the lack of reviews online I figured I should write one just to show those who were interested what they are getting themselves into.

I will also compare what the two bags I hat purchased in the two colours (Ballerina & Argento)

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This bag also comes with the small pouch which I a rarely put much inside, usually just a myki card to get by and some tissues.  The colour within the pouch matches with the colour inside the tote.

IMG_2642 I also realised that the snap lock closure isn’t as tough as I thought as I also seem to detach the pouch and the leather strap when I’m look for items.


Here is a comparison picture of the totes next to the also very practical Le Pliage Small + Large, I feel that the Longchamps are much for accessible and that way you can compare sizes more accurately.

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

When I’m not at uni, I do use the organiser I bought for my Longchamp to organise small items so it would make it easier to find little things.

What I put inside on a daily basis: (I interchange between the two depending on how much I need to bring, I do find myself leaning more towards the regular tote instead of the large tote)


The regular tote does fit an A4 size book perfectly but once you put the laptop case inside it does peak outside of the bag. I do not mind that but when the bag is completely full I find it difficult to hang it on my shoulder, instead I have a tendency to hang it on my forearm.

In the image below you can see how the bag looks like with the laptop case inside.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I really do carry a lot around with me for uni, but this bag has been holding up so well, I did feel on the first day due to the raw leather straps my arm did hurt having it hung on my forearm, it soon softened and now it feels great. The straps aren’t too thin that they hurt that they hurt and aren’t so wide that the bag looks chunky.

I would personally go with the smaller tote if you do not have to carry a laptop around, it is a great size for an everyday bag. while I did find the large tote quite big to carry at first I admire how much I can pack inside.

Here is now an example of the large tote, I was quite shocked at first when I first saw this large tote, not expecting it to be that large. Although the size is comparable to the Longchamp, it is much stiffer and also feels much bigger.

I do find myself not reaching to this bag as often, it also can be hooked on my shoulder and hung on more forearm. It really can fit a crazy amount of stuff.  Below I have some of my daily essentials including 13inch mac book case, 2 folders, 1 spiral a4 note book, large continental wallet and a beauty case.


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Minimalistic + practical
Quality (price point )
The choice of colour: along this point I would personally recommend to choose a colour or different finish apart from the raw leather, I do find it difficult to find things in my large bucket bag (Some times I feel like I’m digging through a deep dark hole) The raw leather also has a tendency to transfer colour on to some items.

Can scratch easily (as seen in my bag ;( )
Hard to get your hands on
No closure: I can see why this can be a problem, to secure your items, I do not mind the exclusion of zips. I do find myself being more cautious when carrying this bag.
Lack of compartments: another thing I really do not mind as I like to use small pouches to organise my item.
[I really am nitpicking here ]

I really do love this tote, its great for work and everyday essentials. It really is built of rock and steel, no matter how much I throw inside it still manage to suck it up and hold it well. I would recommend this to anyone  and as for size, it really does depend on which one you feel you will use more of.

Here are some tips to get your hands on these babies. ( I feel like I’m harping on about these points again here are some websites you can check out!

Stay tuned for reviews of some other goodies.

Thank you again for reading! feel free to look at my review of the Mansur Gavriel bucket bags for more information on how to get your hands on these.

Until next time xx



  1. WengYee

    Oh this is great I’ve been sourcing the net for proper pictures for ages and the Ballerina seems real hard to get a hold off! Was wondering whether you’ve got a pic with the large tote on?

    I generally carry my life around when going to work and Uni, and since I’ve started my MA Ive noticed I’m carrying so many books and papers around.

    Thanks x

  2. Lizzy

    Thank you so much for your review on the small vs. large Mansur Gavriel tote!!! It was a BIG help in my decision making 🙂 Especially the comparasion to the Longchamp totes and the pictures. Keep on going!!

    1. twocentimetres

      Thank you so much for the support Lizzy! I’m so happy that the our review helped you 😊 It means a lot to both Katherine and myself. Definitely been MIA for too long, we’re working on an update post and many to come! Thankyou again xx

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